Hi! My name is Kathy, I believe that saving money is making money.

Coupon Desire is a web portal where I research & post coupons, online deals, store deals, freebies, rebates and anything else that falls in the category of saving money!

I post the best deals along with coupon match-ups I see for several store ads each week including Walgreens, Target and local stores here in Southwest Missouri including Dillons, Price Cutter, Harps and Summer Fresh.

Please feel free to tell your family and friends about this coupons blog via Facebook, Twitter, forums or anything else you can think of. Spreading the word about the site is great for everyone. We get more traffic which will help us keep this coupon site up and everyone else because we know everyone loves getting something for free.

I appreciate you visiting my blog and hope you’ll find some good deals and coupons to save some cash.

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