Odwalla Coupons 2016, Save $1

By | September 28, 2016

Odwalla Juice Coupon 2015

New $2.00 Odwalla coupon up for grabs at coupons.com website. Buy 2 bottles of Odwalla Juice Smoothie at Walmart and use the $2.00 coupon at Walmart to get Odwalla smoothie for only $0.98 each at Walmart.


Odwalla Coupons September 2016 and Walmart Deal:

  • Buy 2 Odwalla Juice Smoothie (15.2 oz), regular price at Walmart – $1.98
  • Use $2.00 off 2, Odwalla products 15.oz printable coupon from coupons.com here
  • Final Price: $1.96 or $0.98 each, when you purchase 2 Odwalla 15.2 oz Smoothie
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Jan 2016

Grab Odwalla smoothie at a superb price with Safeway sale on Odwalla Beverages, Ibotta rebate offer and new Odwalla coupons from 1/10 Smart source insert. Buy 2 15.2 ounce bottles of Odwalla Smoothie for only $2.00 down from regular price of $3.69 under sale offer. Receive $1.00 ibotta credit on your purchase and also apply the printable smart source coupon to pay only $1.00 for each bottle of Odwalla Smoothie at Safeway.

Odwalla Coupon January 2016 and Safeway Deal:

  • Buy 2 Odwalla Smoothie(15.2 oz), sale price at Safeway – $2.00 (sale price valid through 2/2)
  • Use $1.00 off 1, Odwalla Beverages 15.oz printable coupon from 1/10 Smart Source Insert
  • Use $1.00 off 1, Odwalla rebate offer from Ibotta.com
  • Final Price: $2.00 or $1.00 each, when you purchase 2 Odwalla Smoothie


Jan 2015

Here’s a great new deal on Odwalla Juice and Odwalla Smoothie at Fred Meyer. Odwalla Juice is available at Fred Meyer at a regular price of $3.29 but you can buy it at a discounted price of $1.29 through 1/31. Also, a bottle of Odwalla Smoothie (15.2) is available to purchase at a discounted price of $2 at Kroger Through 2/31 . Use a new printable $1 Odwalla Juice Coupon available to download at coupons.com and get a bottle of Odwalla Orange Juice for $1.29 or Odwalla Smoothie for $1.00 .

Odwalla Juice Coupon January 2015 and Fred Meyer Deal:

  • Buy Odwalla Juice(15.2 oz), sale price at Fred Meyer – $2.29 (price valid through 1/31)
  • Use $1.00 off 1, Odwalla Beverage printable coupon from coupons.com
  • Final Price: $1.29

Odwalla Smoothie Coupon January 2015 and Kroger Deal:

  • Buy Odwalla Smoothie (15.2 oz), sale price at Kroger – $2.00 (price valid through 2/31)
  • Use $1.00 off 1, Odwalla Beverage printable coupon code from coupons.com
  • Final Price: $1.00

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